Dungeons and Dragons Gifts

The perfect gift for the Dungeons and Dragons fan in your life, from some of the best players.

Dungeons and Dragons Gifts
Dungeons and Dragons Gifts

The perfect gift for the Dungeons and Dragons fan in your life, from some of the best players. If you're looking for gifts for fans of the tabletop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, here are a few suggestions with product ideas below:

  1. A starter set or expansion pack: For fans who are just starting out or want to add more to their collection, a starter set or expansion pack with new adventures, characters, and rules is a great gift.
  2. A set of dice: A set of dice is an essential part of the Dungeons and Dragons experience, and a set with a unique or interesting design is a fun and appreciated gift for any fan.
  3. A set of miniatures: A set of miniatures, which are used to represent characters and monsters in the game, is a fun and useful gift for any Dungeon Master (the person who runs the game) or avid player. Look for sets that are well-crafted and accurately detailed.
  4. A game mat: A game mat, which is used to map out the game world and track the movements of characters and monsters, is a useful and appreciated gift for any Dungeon Master or player. Look for mats that are durable and easy to use.
  5. A game-themed t-shirt or other piece of clothing: For fans who want to show their love for Dungeons and Dragons in their everyday wardrobe, a t-shirt or other piece of clothing, such as a hood

WizKids Warlock Tiles: Dungeon Tiles I

The Warlock Dungeon Tile system is the best solution for Dungeons and Dragons tile storage and usage. Never deal with misaligned tiles again. The Warlock clips allow you to construct rooms in advance and place them on the table as needed. Never deal with poorly fitting tiles again - these tiles stay together!

Buy at Amazon - $100

Hasbro Gaming Stranger Things Dungeons & Dragons Role playing Game Starter Set

The Stranger Things™ Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set is a great way to introduce new players to the world's greatest role playing game. With everything you need to start playing, the Stranger Things Dungeons & dragons starter set contains four pre-generated characters, all the rules and information you need to play the game, five 6-sided dice, a dungeon master's screen, and a set of tokens.

Buy at Amazon - $19

Xanathar's Guide to Everything

Xanathar's Guide is to the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master's Guide what Volo's Guide is to the Monster Manual; for everything in those two books, here's some more. Lots of intriguing new subclasses, some of which will doubtless make some of my players want to make new characters. (The Samurai class in particular is almost certain to appeal to my fighters.)

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World of Wonders Pewter Chinese Dragon Statue Decorative Bookends

The Chinese Dragon is known for being a mythical creature that brings good fortune and wealth to those who live in its presence. To capture the essence of the dragon, we created the Enter the Dragon series, a line of amazing home decor items! The "Enter the Dragon" Decorative bookends are expertly hand painted with a design that features bright colors and intricate details. These bookends are great for both children and adults!

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D&D: Monster Cards 5e Bundle

Achieve fast and easy access to all of your monsters with two decks of cards. These cards contain all the pertinent game information for each of the 5th edition monster, including each creature's challenge rating, physical description, special abilities and more.

Buy at Amazon - $35

Heroes' Feast: The Official D&D Cookbook Hardcover

Oh this is perfect!!!!! I love this and been waiting for this for a long time! As for the comments about not seeing enough pictures and also thinking the book is crappy and unimaginative.I can't wait to make the elven bread and quith-pa for my party! Can't travel on an empty stomach!

Buy at Amazon - $23

The Game Master's Book of Random Encounters

Well this book is for you! It's absolutely full of useful information for anything, DM or Player. It's a book that you can read from cover to cover without being bored. Every word is dripping with great content for a session.

Buy at Amazon - $18

Explorer's Guide to Wildemount

This is a well written and well organized book! The only beef I think I have is that I would have put the information on creating a character in Xandria in the beginning, instead of after the information about the towns and cities and countries. Then again, perhaps they did that so you would know where your character was from before you chose the race and such.

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Curse of Strahd: Revamped Premium Edition

Had written a really lengthy review about how the box is amazing and a lot heftier than anticipated. How the artwork in all the written material is gorgeous. I spoke to the quality of the maps. The handouts, really nice to have and look/feel great.

Buy at Amazon - $56

Dungeons & Dragons Mad Libs: World's Greatest Word Game

Mad Libs are perfect for the entire family! Since Mad Libs' creation over 60 years ago, the books have secured a special place in hearts around the world. The love of the silly word game series transcends generations and is a classic go-to for any family game night.

Buy at Amazon - $5