Gifts for Beach Lovers

From stylish sun protection to colorful supima cotton towels, these are the best gifts for the beach lovers in your life.

Gifts for Beach Lovers
Gifts for Beach Lovers

From stylish sun protection to colorful supima cotton towels, these are the best gifts for the beach lovers in your life. Beach lovers are often passionate about the sun, sand, and surf, and there are many great gift ideas that cater to their love of the beach. Some popular options could include a beach-themed book or movie, a beach-themed piece of artwork or home decor, or a set of beach-themed clothing or accessories. For the beach-goer, you could also consider a gift card to a favorite beach resort or shop, a collection of beach-themed toys or games, or a gift certificate for a beach-themed experience such as a surf lesson or boat tour. Other ideas could include a beach-themed board game or puzzle, a beach-themed coffee mug or water bottle, or a collection of beach-themed music or sounds. Ultimately, the best gift will depend on the recipient's interests and personal style, as well as their connection to the beach and coastal living.

Rainbows Leather Sandals

These sandals last forever and give plenty of support for the beach. We love them for both men and women.

Buy at Rainbows - $67

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Activewear Lotion

This broad spectrum, full body sunscreen with SPF 60, is formulated without fragrance, parabens, oils, Oxybezone or Retinyl Palmitate and offers the highest possible level of water resistance, 80 minutes. Oxybenzone-free.

Buy at Amazon - $30

Beach Towel

Our luxury, oversized beach towels are plush, but cut close so you don’t pick up any extra sand.

Buy at Weezie - $78

Beach Cottage Candle

Salty ocean air with hot sand under foot. Afternoon tides leave driftwood, seaweed and conch shells scattered along the shore.

Buy at Homesick - $38

Neso 1 Sunshade

Don't let wind or hard ground ruin your shade. The Neso 1 sunshade is a lightweight, portable sun shelter with stakeless anchors that you fill with sand or rocks, great for the beach or soccer field.

Buy at REI - $100

Tote Bag

The RTIC Tote Bag is perfect for all your daily adventures. It has plenty of room to hold all your towels, sunscreen, and beach toys. Made from water proof puncture resistant material and includes a water resistant pocket.

Buy at RTIC - $60 - $75

Wine Chiller

The Vinglacé wine & champagne chiller keeps your bottle cold without ice. It's made of stainless steel and vacuum insulated, so you don't have to worry about condensation or warm wine. Lightweight and easy to carry, you can enjoy your wine & champagne anywhere you go. All Vinglacé products come in a beautiful gift box.

Buy at Vinglace - $90

L.L.Bean Packlite Chair

A lightweight, comfortable camp chair that packs down super small. The fabric has been improved to be tougher and more durable. This is the perfect lightweight camp chair for outdoor events and adventures of all kinds. Take it car camping, to music festivals or even backcountry adventures in a canoe or kayak. It packs down super small so it won't take up much space in your car or boat. Best of all, it's incredibly comfortable.

Buy at L.L.Bean - $77


Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2 is a super portable speaker that rocks a surprisingly big sound — anywhere. Heading outside? Hit the all-new Outdoor Boost for louder, crisper audio that’s specially tuned for outdoor listening. With 13 hours of battery life, it’ll rage ‘till dawn. It’s got a rating of IP67, so it’s super waterproof. And dustproof. And it floats. Plus, you can wirelessly pair two WONDERBOOM 2 speakers for an even bigger stereo or mono sound. It’s your shower buddy, your beach volleyball captain, and the “big splash” at your next pool party.

Buy at Amazon - $95