Gifts for Gardeners

From pots to seeds, we've rounded up the best gifts for gardeners, new and old.

Gifts for Gardeners
Gifts for Gardeners

From pots to seeds, we've rounded up the best gifts for gardeners, new and old. Gardening gifts can be a great way to show appreciation for a fellow gardener's passion and hard work. Some ideas for gifts for gardeners include:

  • A set of gardening tools, such as a trowel, pruning shears, and a watering can
  • A book about gardening techniques or plants that are suitable for the recipient's climate and gardening style
  • A subscription to a gardening magazine or a membership to a local botanical garden
  • A gift certificate to a local nursery or garden center
  • A unique planter or potting bench
  • A set of seeds or seedlings of the recipient's favorite plants or ones they have been wanting to try
  • A gardening-themed piece of art or decor, such as a sunflower-shaped wind chime or a wooden sign with a gardening quote
  • A jar of homemade compost or a bag of organic fertilizer
  • A set of gloves, a sun hat, or other gardening accessories to help the recipient stay comfortable and protected while working in the garden.

Eucalyptus Leaf Garden Hose

Green never looked so good. But ditch the old, rugged hose and redefine green. Our Eucalyptus Leaf Garden Hose is a soft, light green that make any home feel like a lush oasis. Whether you’re going for the bold, industrial, concrete style and need a piece to soften things up, or just want to stick to your already leafy garden, this is the hose for you.

Buy at Garden Glory - $129

Hand Pruners

Three positions Hand Pruner to fit the diameter of the branches and the size of the hand. Locking system in the closed position. Stainless steel blade with a cutting capacity of 7.85 inches.

Buy at Opinel - $59

Magnolia Ann Memorial Tree

Beloved for its fuchsia, cup-shaped flowers, the magnolia ann tree brings a little bit of joy wherever it goes. Its yearly spring bloom is a reminder of renewal and rebirth. As a memorial gift, the Magnolia Ann tree is a gift that keeps on giving. Though the pain of loss never goes away, its bright bloom is a yearly reminder of life's constant beauty and continuation.

Buy at Seeds of Life - $63 - $94

Brass Mister

This elegant brass mister is ideal for gently watering and misting seedlings, sprouts, and humidity-loving houseplants. Too beautiful to tuck away, it can be kept on your table or counter, making weekly waterings more convenient.

Buy at The Sill - $34

Petite Sunset Orchid

Add a pop of serenity to your tablescape with this popular Phalaenopsis orchid. One of the easiest varieties to grow as a houseplant—it is affectionately called the beginner orchid. You may notice a small number of blooms on your orchid upon delivery.

Buy at The Sill - $78

Bloom Adult Coloring Book

Relax with a wide variety of beautiful flowers in this incredible botanical coloring book for adults. Includes both simple and intricate designs to accommodate any skill level.

Buy at Amazon - $6

Wild at Home: How to style and care for beautiful plants Hardcover

Make your home a healthier and more beautiful place to be with Hilton Carter’s inspirational ideas.

Buy at Amazon - $16

Pink Anthurium 

This bright pink Anthurium lives up to its nickname, the flamingo flower. Rarely without their showy blooms, Anthuriums are known as the world’s longest blooming houseplant. Each bloom can last up to eight weeks, and new ones will pop up often.

Buy at The Sill - $88

Flower Arranging Seed Starter Set

We hand-selected these seeds (and might’ve had a little fun doing it) to add a some extra color to your world. Each prettily-packaged set of 11 pouches includes peach strawflower, cupcake cosmo, madame butterfly snapdragon and more to bulk up your bouquet possibilities. You’ll also find small galvanized garden markers inside, just so you know which is which.

Buy at Food52 - $49

Classic Work Glove

Make quick, painless work of prickly plants, rough soil, dry bark, and grasp wooden tool handles with ease. Barebones re-creation of the classic work glove means maximum comfort, outdoor versatility, and quality protection.

Buy at Barebones - $25