The Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

From saddles to grooming kits, these are the best gifts for horse loving equestrians.

Gifts for Horse Lovers
Gifts for Horse Lovers

From saddles to grooming kits, these are the best gifts for horse loving equestrians. Horse lovers are often passionate about their majestic animals, and there are many great gift ideas that cater to their love of horses. Some popular options could include equestrian-themed artwork or home decor items, books or movies about horses, horse-themed jewelry or clothing, or a gift certificate for a horseback riding lesson or trail ride. For the horse owner, you could also consider practical gifts such as grooming supplies, horse feed or hay, or a new saddle or bridle. Other ideas could include a horse-themed board game or puzzle, a horse-themed coffee mug or water bottle, or a collection of horse-themed movies or TV shows. Ultimately, the best gift will depend on the recipient's interests and personal style, as well as their connection to horses.

Ogilvy Jumper Memory Foam Half Pad

A half pad unequalled in comparison, it combines the V-top shape and anti-friction materials with removable MemoryFoam pads. The Memory Foam acts as a buffer that fills any voids between the saddle and the horse, stabilizes the saddle, and provides shock-absorption for the backs of both horse and rider. This half pad will have your saddle fitting perfectly on every horse, even with custom made saddles.

Buy at The Farm House - $199

Fancy Stitched Raised Bridle

We love this Edgewood Bridle because of its trendy wide noseband and its quality that just can't be beaten! There is no better standard than anything Edgewood.

Buy at The Farm House - $332

Tucker Tweed Equestrian James River Carry All Bag

We are absolutely in love with the Tucker Tweed collection here at the Farm House, and the Equestrian James River Carry All Bag is one of our absolute favorites. With the sultry Saffiano leather exterior featuring hunter jumper, foxhunting, tucker tweed signature, or dressage embossing and all of the color options to match any style you choose, how could you not fall for this collection? We also are completely smitten with the sassy scarlet interior which makes this bag stand apart from any other carry all bag.

Buy at The Farm House - $269

Equestrian Jellybean Rugs

Forget those boring, plain mats that somehow seem to attract all the dirt in your house. Jellybean® rugs are bright, fun, and colorful! All Jellybean® rugs are machine washable! When something is spilled on a Jellybean® it lives up to it's famous tagline; "washes better than your jeans"!

Buy at The Farm House - $36

14k Gold Tiny Horseshoe Bracelet

Beautifully handcrafted 14k gold tiny horseshoe bracelet available in yellow, white, and rose gold. Perfect solo or stacked, a fun and timeless everyday bracelet.

Buy at Zoe Lev - $195

Equestrian Bit 3 Nut Bowl

A stylish bowl dish that serves many purposes and adds a touch of Equestrian elegance to any table and occasion. Perfect as a fancy bar utensil to keep your fresh lemons, limes and other cocktail ingredients handy and still beautifully displayed. Also great for your signature dips or your favorite nut variations on a game night with friends. The unique and elegant Equestrian design will make you win every style race.

Buy at Arthur Court - $71

Equestrian Bamboo Cheese Set

Cut up and serve cheeses with elegance using this Equestrian Bamboo Set from Arthur Court. A bit stretches along the left side of this piece, accenting the wood like the binding of a book. The handmade, aluminum cheese knife and cracker stand gleam against the sturdy bamboo, which cleans up easy.

Buy at Arthur Court - $76

Equestrian Stirrup Napkin Holder

Proclaim your Equestrian lifestyle with functional, hand-crafted aluminum artwork. Detailed, realistic stirrup irons, hand-crafted stand to display and dispense napkins on your table or counter. Standing design allows for easy dispensing at any time.

Buy at Arthur Court - $54

Equestrian Cocktail Napkin Box

Set out this handsome equestrian cocktail napkin box from Arthur Court at your Kentucky Derby party or when you host a buffet lunch at your local horse show. Its clever design features the ring-and-bar pattern of bit halves, and straps wrap and buckle around the sides of this elegant aluminum napkin box.

Buy at Arthur Court - $54

Horse Bottle Stopper

Turn every glass of wine into a special occasion when you stopper your bottles with this dramatic horse bottle stopper from Arthur Court. This elegant statuette comes in a gift box that makes it perfect as a hostess gift or special present for the equestrians and horse lovers in your life, and your friends will appreciate the substantial and high-quality feel when they hold it.

Buy at Arthur Court - $21

Equestrian Oval Platter

Pay tribute to the track with this Equestrian Oval Platter from Arthur Court. Bits race around the edge of this dish like the horses that wear them. Leathery straps wrap around the rein rings before fastening the riding instruments together in a continuous lap of movement.

Buy at Arthur Court - $121