Ring Bearer Gifts

Fun ring bearer gifts to thank him for helping on a special day.

Ring Bearer Gifts
Ring Bearer Gifts

Fun ring bearer gifts to thank him for helping on a special day. If you're looking for gift ideas for a ring bearer, here are a few suggestions:

  1. A keepsake box: A keepsake box is a special place for the ring bearer to store their treasures and mementos. Look for one with a fun, child-friendly design, such as a pirate chest or a treasure chest.
  2. A picture frame: A picture frame is a great way to display a photo of the ring bearer from the wedding day. Look for one with a special engraving or personalization, such as the wedding date or the ring bearer's name.
  3. A toy or game: A toy or game is a fun and thoughtful gift for the ring bearer to enjoy on the wedding day and beyond. Look for something age-appropriate and engaging, such as a puzzle or a building set.
  4. A book: A book is a timeless gift that the ring bearer can enjoy now and in the future. Look for a classic children's book, or one with a wedding or love theme.
  5. A special outfit or accessory: For the ring bearer who loves to dress up, a special outfit or accessory, such as a hat or a bow tie, can make them feel extra special on the wedding day.

The Best Ever Ring Bearer: All the Best Things About Being in a Wedding

In The Best Ever Ring Bearer, our boy discovers the perfect places at the wedding for a nap and snacks. He endures the all-important first moment of meeting the bride, and he has a great time parading down the aisle with all his friends. Encourage young ring bearers to take charge of their special place in the wedding ceremony with this charming and helpful book.

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Personalized Wooden Sunglasses

Your sunglasses are a personal statement. They're also something you have to put down when you're not wearing them. Orangeboy Personalized Wooden Sunglasses solve the second problem while enhancing your whole look and adding a big dash of fun to your style….

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Wedding Ring Security Box

Our Wedding Ring Security Box with Black Sun Glasses and Top Secret Spy Ear Piece is the perfect gift for ring bearers of all ages. An ideal keepsake, this case is made of sturdy metal and has a combination lock to keep your rings (and your sanity) safe. Your ring bearer will love checking in, going through security, and boarding with his new suitcase!

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LEGO Wedding Favor Set 2018

Build the perfect wedding day and watch as the LEGO® Wedding Favor set comes to life! Play out a beautiful LEGO® fairy tale with this delightful set which includes a buildable white 'aisle' leading to a magical ceremony with a LEGO® Wedding cake that can be stacked for double the celebration.

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Ring Bearer Gift NAME Crayons

Add that personal touch to your special day with these Crayon Letter Names. These come with custom colors of your choice and can be made in both monotone and two-tone combinations. If you have a color scheme in mind, we can do that too.

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