Useful Christmas Gifts

The most useful of useful gifts we could round up this year.

Useful Christmas Gifts
Useful Christmas Gifts

The most useful of useful gifts we could round up this year. If you're looking for useful Christmas gift ideas, here are a few suggestions:

  1. A gift card: A gift card to a popular store or restaurant is a versatile and convenient gift that allows the recipient to choose their own gift.
  2. A kitchen appliance: A kitchen appliance, such as a slow cooker or a coffee maker, is a useful and appreciated gift for anyone who loves to cook or drink coffee.
  3. A home security system: A home security system, such as a smart doorbell or a security camera, is a useful and practical gift that can provide peace of mind and protection for the recipient's home.
  4. A fitness tracker: A fitness tracker is a useful and popular gift for anyone who wants to track their physical activity and improve their health. Look for one with features such as a heart rate monitor and GPS.
  5. A subscription box: A subscription box, such as a monthly box of gourmet food or artisanal products, is a useful and enjoyable gift that keeps on giving throughout the year. Look for one that matches the recipient's interests and preferences.

Bamboo Matcha Whisk with Bamboo Spoon and Hooked Bamboo Scoop

A perfect matcha tea whisk and small bamboo spoon for both the beginner and more advanced matcha tea drinker. These tools have that natural feel which allows you to easily create froth when it comes time to combine the matcha powder with hot water resulting in a delicious cup of traditional Japanese green tea.

Buy at Amazon - $14

Cooluli Skincare Mini Fridge for Bedroom

Stay healthy and fresh with Cooluli portable fridge/warmer. A great cooler for your lunch box, skincare products, baby food, cosmetics, drinks, or even a mini wine fridge.

Buy at Amazon - $60

YETI Rambler 14 oz Mug

The YETI Rambler is tough as hell and built to last. It features No Sweat Design, and will keep your drinks as cold (or hot) as science allows. 18/8 stainless steel construction and double-wall vacuum insulation make it perfect for the deer lease, cleaning table, or just the down time in between your outdoor exploring.

Buy at Amazon - $30

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Purify any tap water into clean, drinkable water with the LifeStraw. Easy to use and perfect for hiking, camping, travel and emergency preparedness, this personal water filter will provide you with 4,000 liters (1,000 gallons) of water without the need for chemicals or outages.

Buy at Amazon - $15

Petzl Tikka Headlamp

This rugged headlamp is compact and easy to use. It's a perfect choice for activities like camping, hiking, or climbing. With 300 lumens of brightness, a flood beam, 3 white light settings and a red mode, the TIKKA lets you switch on the right light for every situation. You can also mount it on your helmet or bike with Petzl's accessory mounts (sold separately).

Buy at Amazon - $30

Victorinox Swiss Army Cutlery

With the perfect balance and weight, our Rosewood Steak Knife is one of Victorinox's most beautiful knives ever. The intricate rosewood handle makes each knife comfortable to hold, while the long blade lets you slice through even the toughest steak cleanly and efficiently. The Rosewood Steak Knife is an elegant complement to Victorinox's other collections.

Buy at Amazon - $232

LUXE Bidet Neo 120

Our bidet attachment is a great addition to your existing toilet that will help you wash away any unwanted stains or odors. This bidet attachment is made of the finest quality materials and never skips on power. It is durable and has a self-cleaning nozzle. The flexible tubing makes for easy maneuverability while the extra-long hose allows for use from several feet away.

Buy at Amazon - $38

Skeletool Lightweight Multitool

When you're out and about and need just one smart, high-quality, lightweight multitool—this is it. The Skeletool has a tough stainless steel combo blade, pliers, bit driver, removable pocket clip and carabiner/bottle opener—ready to work when and where you are.

Buy at Amazon - $73

AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge

The AstroAI Digital Tire Pressure Gauge can measure tire pressure faster than most other devices on the market today. The AstroAI electronic tire pressure gauge helps you reduce the chance of a flat by maximizing your tires efficiency and extending your tire life.

Buy at Amazon - $12

Simplehuman 9 oz.

The simplehuman 9 oz. Touch-Free Rechargeable Sensor Pump is perfect for the office or home. This pump is a modern, stainless steel design that looks like a home decor accessory. It comes with a clog-proof tubing pump that ensures a precise and consistent flow. The silicone valve prevents messy drips so you can use less soap than you would with a traditional pump dispenser—good for the environment and your wallet! The wall mount is strong and durable, as well as easy to install. It's ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Buy at Amazon - $70

Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bag

Stasher Reusable Silicone Bags are BPA-free, FDA-approved materials that are completely safe for food and beverage. These bags offer all the convenience of a plastic bag without the negative health and environmental impacts. Stasher is the only reusable bag that is self-sealing, air tight/leakproof, and 100% leakproof.

Buy at Amazon - $13